"FLIPPED", the 2nd sequel of the "OH DEAR..." blog series -- where life has suddenly flipped upside down to the most unexpected things. FLIP AND SHUFFLE through these pages as you venture through every big and small chapters of this life changing journey.


I feel like it is time to say this but… 

Starting on September 1st, when I depart the United States for Thailand, I am afraid  that the 2nd sequel of the my OH DEAR series, “FLIPPED” will officially come to an end. It has been exactly 2 years since I have posted on FLIPPED just like I have done for my first blog, OH DEAR. I admit that I will definitely miss blogging on this particular tumblr, especially because I am concluding my blog in such a short amount of time. 

Why am I ending FLIPPED you ask? I suppose you can say that my life from two years ago to today have always been demonstrating as the name of this blog tells it. Flipped.Before, I had always have the negative emotional impact upon myself, immersing myself in a world filled with paranoia, despair, hatred… loneliness; however, from everything where my life has been, it doesn’t feel so paranoic anymore. My eyes — which was once narrowed-perspective — was suddenly opened and I began to see the world and our lives in a much better place. It’s as if… I am a much better person than I was before. I began to view my own family with so much respect and love; to appreciate my friends unlike before when I would used to cut them out; I suddenly flipped my introverted self and suddenly wanted to interact with more people to expand my social circle. I became peaceful. My life wasn’t so flipped out anymore. 

I felt that if I were to continue blogging in this particular blog, the genre of this blog would stray away from its own theme. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. 

… that’s why, starting on September 1st, I will officially create a new blog of the OH DEAR series! Just please keep in note that the new blog is not going to be the 3rd official blog of the OH DEAR series and will be very different from my other blogs. The new blog will only be a mini blog with more in-depth stories about my stay in Thailand for only the year, especially with a more educational and entertaining purpose for others who will also be curious in studying abroad internationally as well. Until next year, I will create the 3rd official blog of the OH DEAR series. 

I would like to thank all my followers for the FLIPPED blog. It has definitely been a great experience and it was a great chance to follow your blogs as well. It was also great to see others who are actually reading all my blogs, especially those who doesn’t even own a tumblr hahah. I really hope you guys will all continue on to follow me to the upcoming mini blog next week. 

The title and theme of the blog is still forthcoming and in brainstorming; however, in the meantime, stay in touch with this blog for any more updates! :) 

Thank you guyssssss <3 

Just as snapchat says, I finally officially got new glasses! 

I officially ran out of contact lens and I doubt that I would be buying anymore contacts until I go to Thailand&#8230; Soooo. Expect me to wear my glasses everything for the next week. 

I don&#8217;t mind at all actually. It is a little bothering but as it is convenient and useful then that is okay. 

Hahaha too many people got waaay too obsessed with me and my glasses these days. Adrian thought I looked like a nerd but &#8220;a cute nerd&#8221;; Ana says that she can&#8217;t get over me with glasses and thinks she&#8217;s going lesbian for me because I&#8217;m too cute; John says that its very &#8220;nerd-chic&#8221;, while Gerry says that I look like a naughty librarian that he wants to bang in her office or something. As Gerry states: 

"You are a cutie patootie with a BIG BOOTY". 

Oh goddddd&#8230;. The obsession is a lot. Hahahahah

Just as snapchat says, I finally officially got new glasses!

I officially ran out of contact lens and I doubt that I would be buying anymore contacts until I go to Thailand… Soooo. Expect me to wear my glasses everything for the next week.

I don’t mind at all actually. It is a little bothering but as it is convenient and useful then that is okay.

Hahaha too many people got waaay too obsessed with me and my glasses these days. Adrian thought I looked like a nerd but “a cute nerd”; Ana says that she can’t get over me with glasses and thinks she’s going lesbian for me because I’m too cute; John says that its very “nerd-chic”, while Gerry says that I look like a naughty librarian that he wants to bang in her office or something. As Gerry states:

"You are a cutie patootie with a BIG BOOTY".

Oh goddddd…. The obsession is a lot. Hahahahah

Despite that I have work in like 4 hours, it is always worth the lack of sleep just to talk to the most loving guy in the whole wide world! His kindness and his caressing love will always bring a smile and laughs to my face.  
Love youuuu sooooooo much, Chakrit &lt;3 

Despite that I have work in like 4 hours, it is always worth the lack of sleep just to talk to the most loving guy in the whole wide world! His kindness and his caressing love will always bring a smile and laughs to my face.  

Love youuuu sooooooo much, Chakrit <3 

Cherishing all the “Moments like This” <3 

Only been two days and I am already missing them hahah

Day 4: Closing Time (Monday, 8/18) 

I was the first one to wake up ONCE AGAIN at Pim’s apartment. Woke up around 6:30 again, got out of my air bed to go showered and gotten myself ready until Marc woke up next. He crawled over from the couch to my air bed and chilled with me, playing 2048 and my computer until eventually I accidentally woke Kevin up when I accidently stepped on him at one point. Woops sorry Kevin! hahah Later on, Pim finally woken up as Jom entered the apartment. As others were setting up, Marc, Jom and I went to BYUL in Diamond Jamboree and had a really really long relationship talk, sex life, and our past HAHAHHA. Sure shows how much we are all bonding with each other so well. 

We came back after some coffee and snacks, but we were still a little exhausted. we did get to take a chill day to shoot the following last scenes: the party scene, the meeting, and the umbrella scene.  

Once again, we were having fun fooling around! During the party scene, at one point, we created a NON-DRINKING game and Jom, Kevin, Marc and I played with the solo cups and alcohol on the counters. Hahah we have no life. I was messing with Kevin alot with the usual tickles. Worse of all, Jom and I kept trying to scare each other and kept ending up wrestling each other LOL. I’m such a dude. 

The shots were just as long as the day before; but we might have been a little behind with the party scene since it was really difficult. I would say the funnest scene was probably the umbrella scene because we all get to dump water all over Marc on the last scene. I feel bad for him but oh well. 

Our last take ever in this video shoot was a scene of Marc and me, as he came back to the apartment from the soaking rain. As for me, I was protected by Marc with his manly jacket and would try to warm Marc up. This was Pakorn’s best reaction as he says “FUCK YES!” because he got the perfect shot to end the video shoot. 

The video shoot is officially finished and we are all happy among each other, and we celebrated and gave ourselves an applause when everything is over. 

Well, everything is not over. Fernando in the end, decided to sue us the day before which breaks the contract that he signed; therefore, we will be reporting him for harassment and had listed him up in the blacklist of all acting agencies and firms, thus ruining his acting career. This is what happens when you fuck with the wrong people. 

We eventually cleaned up the whole apartment and officially said our goodbyes to each other. However, this isn’t goodbye of course. I am still in touch with Jom, Marc and Knot at the time being. As for the others, we are all wishing Pim and Pakorn in very good luck with dealing with this Fernando issue. 

After longs talks and giggles, I officially left Irvine and went back to LA. I admit… I was really sad that this shooting was over. "Moments Like This"…This video shoot was officially my highlight of my summer this year. Just like any other picture, every moment that we had together in these past 4 days cannot be explained in less than a thousand words.

Together we had gone through everything together, done everything together, created new friendships, and knew about each other more and more each day in such a short amont of time. We became a family. It’s unrealistic to create such a strong friendship as much as this in such a few days… but guess what?? It happened.  

After 4 long days of hard work and dedication, it has not just gave me my first exposure to the field of film and media, but it truly had shown me and everyone else that it is all about having fun with your passion: that it’s MOMENTS LIKE THIS that matters most. Thank you Pakorn Tareekes and Pim Sillapa for giving me this opportunity: for all the great times, for the love and support, down to the littlest things like our session jams hahaha. I have indeed learned alot and will never forget this experience. Thank you again ♥

It was one of the best experience to be a huge part of Pakorn Motion Pictures crew :)

Day 3: Family (Sunday, 8/17) 

I woke really early like around 6:30pm once again. I have no idea but for some reason, I tend to wake up really early when I go home—hopping. Helena was still asleep at the time, and his parents were already awake. I went to go greet them a bit before I left, but her dad was busy on the phone so I left a goodbye note for Helena and went back to Irvine to meet up with Pakorn Motion Film. 

We were originally supposed to be in El Monte; however, due to the drought, we felt like it is too risky for us to shoot and waste the water that we will need for this particular day’s scene. Instead, we came up with a new scene and continued to shoot at Camben on Main and Jamboree. 

I came upstairs with Pim and Pakorn and there I already see Kevin and Marc chilling in the living room. It was definitely going to be ONE OF THE LONGEST DAYS out of all the video shoots this weekend. Not because it is difficult to film, but instead it is because we are retaking every clips that we lost from stupid Fernando. We are shooting the morning scene, the slow dance scene, birthday scene and the drowning scene all in one day. Everything will be the same except instead of being in bed with Fernando, it will be Marc and Kevin instead. 

We shot the morning scene first thing in the morning. And what do you know! Marc and I did the scene SOOOOOOOO WELL that it took us only 3 takes instead last time, with Fernando which took us 11 takes. As for me and Kevin, we were still doing pretty good. I like to keep tickling him in the middle of shooting just to hear his ridiculous laugh hahah. 

After the morning scene, we ate some thai food and continued straight on to the party scene, or the slow dance scene. I was worried that I was going to uncomfortable like I was with Fernando; but Marc handled me pretty well. Despite that he had his arms gently around my  waist and hips, and that I can feel his breath exhaling against the side of my neck, I was really okay. I was comfortable with the intimacy and was able to pull my act with him really well to slow dance with him while confessing my love for the guy. Its a whole different level of comfortable unlike the time when I did it with Fernando. I mean, after all, my blood was boiling when I wanted to kill Fernando deep down on the inside.

After our slow dance scene was finished, the fun has begin!!! Well actually, the fun began since we first started. We fooled around alot during the takes. Kevin and Jom played with their accents; we had water gun fights; they even at one point played football where I’m the “football” and the guys had to try to carry me in their arms and run to the end and pass me on to the other guys. WHOA, I was amazed that they can even lift me up for gods sakes!

 We all finished really early and only had to do the drowning scene (which is at night time) so we all chilled and drove to Buffalo Wild Wings. Jom, Pakorn, and Knot went into one car, while Kevin, Pim, Marc and I went into another car.

And guess what!!! On the way, we JAMMED REALLY HARD to our throwback songs! We listened to Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, NSYNC, Spice Girls, and etc! HAHAHAH we rolled down the windows all the way day and SANG AS LOUD as we can for the whole street to watch us. Hahaha we are not embarrassed at all! Probably the only embarrassing thing was the fact that Marc knows literally EVERY song that came up on Pandora. 

We ate at buffalo wild wings, WHICH WAS AMAZING; and by night time, we continued jamming hard again in the car and continued working on our last scene of the day. 

It was already 8pm when we got back, and I really felt bad for Marc because while all of us are done, he is the one who has to be in the pool. But hey!!! We all support him though! We all went downstairs to cheer for me as he had to dunk himself fully clothed into the pool. It actually got worse when we found out that he can’t swim…. 

Yep… he can’t swim. I was really surprised. HOWEVER, Pim, Pakorn and I were thoroughly impressed on his dedication to filming the shoot. Even if you can see his fear of water and how he can’t swim, he pushed himself harder and was still able to do the drowning scene. We were all really proud of him and in the end, celebrate our success at the jacuzzi. 

After the jacuzzi, we all ended up crashing at Pim’s apartment for the rest of the night. This is probably one of the best days of the video shoot where we were all closely connected among each other like a family and enjoyed moments like this :) 

Day 2: Rekindle (Saturday, 8/16)

I woke up again at 6:30am in Sam’s place. I found Sam sleeping next to me with his Ipad left on at the time and as soon as I woke up, I have gotten ready and showered in prep to meet up with the others once again for our second day of the video shoot. 

I drove all the way to Gardena at a cute little thai restaurant called Three Spices. Met up with Pakorn and Pim there and eventually Marc, Kevin, Joey, and Jom eventually came in after. 

Ever since we had fired Fernando, things were at an ease. We decided to make Marc as the main role instead of the support role now — thank goodness because I am already comfortable with him — and we have also decided to cast Kevin as the supporting role as my second boyfriend. 

We only did one scene today that day, and because there are no complications that day, we were able to finish everything so early. During this day, I was able to bond well with Marc since I already knew him since back at K Town: learned how he is as a person and his past experiences with acting; while, on the other hand, it also opened up the opportunity to finally connect with Kevin Ramirez, my other boyfriend in the cast. Unlike Fernando, I was also able to bond really well with Kevin. I thought that he was an actual funny guy and I was able to comfortable with him as well. In the end, we were able to get more closer with each other and can actually started being stupid with each other lol 

After we finished filiming in the afternoon, we all decided to drive to Cerritos to Pakorn’s apartment to work on the voiceovers for Mark. I technically was done for the day and I could have left; however, I still wanted to help out and still tagged along. 

It took us about a couple hours for Marc to do his voiceover. We were all there in support for him and listened to his voice as he says his role. I tried hard to make sure it goes the way it should be and as a result, as he finally perfected his dialogs, Pim and I actually cried from the emotional sensation that he gives out hahah. 

The day, unfortunately ended in bad terms… Fernando called Pakorn back, demanding for all of his belongings that he left behind (who the fucks leaves their stuff behind at work), demands for the reel that we shot of him and also demanded that we CANNOT use his face for our shooting — when in reality, he signed a contract that Pakorn Motion Picture are allowed to release, distribute, or exploit any form of media shot for that actor. He is fuckin stupid. WORST OF ALL, he ended up demanding also for a compensation of $120 for A DAY THAT HE WAS BEING UNCOOPERATIVE. This was fuckin bullshit. Pakorn and Pim agreed to only help compensate him for $40 for gas and food and agreed to give his belongings and his reel tape that was shot last Friday. However, as each day passes by, things just starts to get worse and worse each time. 

Aside from this issue, after work, I went to meet up with Helena at Sam’s house. I couldn’t handle staying at Sam’s house anymore, so here I am, once again, house- hopping to Helena’s home in Laguna Hills for another night. I never felt this much homeless EVER in Irvine now that I don’t have an apartment in Irvine anymore. 

Helena and I went to go eat Sushi Imari for the first time ever and dayum, the food was amazing. Why didn’t I go there earlier before? After that, we went to Helena’s house and spent the night at her place. 

Day 1: Meeting (Friday, 8/15)

I was spending the night at Sam’s house before this particular day, for I do not have to drive all the way from the valley to Irvine early in the morning at 6am. Although it did sucked to have to sleep on the couch in his living, I was able to have the chance to spend time with Joy and Nancy for the night before I officially would not see them for the whole year again. 

I was really nervous; I will be honest about that. I barely knew Pakorn at the time and I was always worried about how my relationship with Pim go, considering that I was told long ago that she was always jealous of me and Paxton’s friendships back in early years. As I arrived at Camben at 9am, there I saw Pakorn and Pim waiting by the elevator in the apartment complex on the first floor of the parking structure. 

I knew it would be a very long day that day —  considering that I woke up at 6:30 and knew we would be finished around 9pm — so I brought all of my belongings as much as possible upstairs to the apartment complex. 

There I met my fellow cast members: I first noticed Marc playing in the billiard room by himself while I saw a few other people coming in, whom I was too unfamiliar with. I met Marc before — only once, at the Cafe Concerto where we all had our very first meeting with the director executive producer and the actors in K Town. I didn’t know anyone at the time, so I went up to Marc and asked him if I can play pool and did a few small talks with him. As everyone else was coming in, the whole cast was here except for one person: Fernando Sharpouri (the lead actor that I met back at K Town just the week before) —  who unfortunately arrived to work about 45 minutes late. As we all were waiting for him, we were able to introduce ourselves to everyone else. 

These are the following new people that I have met that day: 

  • - Jom, one of the backstage crew specialized in photography, and filmotography. He was basically the director’s second man in the crew. 
  • - Nan, Jom’s girlfriend who was shadowing the field of film and media. She was in charge of the behind the scene photos. 
  • - Joey, one of the backstage crew who is specialized in specifically setting and lighting. 
  • - Kevin, specialized in grip — or in other words, sounds, lighting and camera. 
  • - Diem, the makeup artist 
  • As for the others, I have already met Pakorn the director and Pim the executive producer. 

We started by getting ready with having makeup professionally done on me, Marc, and Fernando and started out with the morning scene with Marc. 

I was very uncomfortable at first, I admit. I knew that my role in this short movie film will involve with a lot of intimacy, romance, and other loving gestures with strangers whom I am not familiar with; however, when I started the scene with Marc, we both were actually okay with each other. He somehow gave off a comfortable vibe where it wasn’t creepy or anything like that. As for Fernando… I couldn’t handle being intimate with him. For some reason, it just felt too fake and forced and the way he looks is somehow… how do you say… psychotic. Despite that I was out of my comfort zone, I was still able to push my thoughts aside and continued the role throughout the day. 

We were able to film 3 scenes that day. It was okay in the beginning; however, things just gotten worse in the end. As the day began to strike at 6pm, we all began to see symptoms of Fernando. 

He began scroffing through the day, along with making complaints over the smallest things. 

"Hey, I don’t like this script. It is poetic and all, but it just doesn’t make sense… you know whaataa i mean??" 

"Hey, does this food have like egg or oil? Because I am vegan and I can’t have milk or eggs." 

"Hey, do you guys have a lot of bathroom breaks? Because I tend to drink a lot of water, and I tend to go to the bathroom alot" 


"YOU GUYS DON"T DESRVER EXTRAS BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE AMATEURS. That’s why I don’t bother to help you guys." 

The list just goes on… and on.. and on… Worse case that happened was later on that night, when we all rushed to set up the slow dance scene. As we all were working together to rush and get everything done, this guy just stood in the corner by the couch and blanked out for an hour. He was fucking creepy as fuck, dude. We all could have sworn he was going to break out and snap or something. 

You do not understand how much I hated him. He was literally pissing the fuck out of me and it sucks at the time because I was in the middle of a loving romance scene where I had to confessed to him. ITS DISGUSTING when I had to touch Fernando, love that guy, and especially to have him touch me!!!! Right after that, he just left in the middle of scene and just left…. just… like… that… 

What the fuck was up with him, we all wondered. As Pakorn followed after him to talk to him, they were gone for a whole hour and we all just waited for Pakorn to come back. It took so much time to the point that we all thought that something bad happened to him. 

As he came back, he told us everything: Fernando hated our production; he felt that we were too amateur and not professional; felt that it is not fair to work long hours for an actor like himself; felt that he deserves something better and that I SUCK AS AN ACTRESS. What the fuck! Who the fuck does he think he is: Orlando Bloom?! Fuck, if he keeps being like this, he isn’t going anywhere with his life! PEOPLE WHO CANNOT PUSH THEIR EGO ASIDE NEVER GOES ANYWHERE WITH THEIR LIVES. And this is a fact. 

After that, we all had a discussion and decided that it is best to fire him. The moment that he is fired, the moment we all suddenly felt the burden lifted off from our shoulders, celebrating the rest of the night with Champagne hahahah

I went back to Sam’s house that day at 1am. It was such a bad timing because Sam was hosting a party and was drinking and I didn’t have a couch to crash on. So that day, I went upstairs to Sam’s filthy room filled with dirty laundry and condoms all over the floors and crash in his bed instead. 


FLIPPED has been up for exactly 2 years now.

To think how when this blog was created, I had just been raped, used, and left behind by the whole family, friends and Oswaldo at the time. I was unfortunately going through my biggest depression at the time — a period filled with drama, paranoia, and despair.

However, in only two years… I was able to cut out what was dragging me down for the past few years. I was able to move on with my life, and leave my horrible past behind. I was able to appreciate my family and friends whom I almost lost this year. And especially, in such a short time, I met someone who, I never felt so strongly confident, is the person that I truly want to spend the rest of my life with.

Things changed so fast. And just within two years, my life had ultimately flipped more than ever.

Happy Birthday Flipped. I enjoyed blogging with you more than always.