AWKWARD FB THREAD: Workout Routine

Group effort in starting Sam's running routine (with Paxton)! Pariya, Chakrit, when will you two join us?!
Don't worry. Me and Chakrit have our own workout routine :) (4 likes)
^ that comment can make people think the wrong things. At least it wasn't a winky face (4 likes)
lolololol Sam thought the wrong thing. (5 likes)
LOL I read Pariya's comment and was like "wow! someone is open about her relationship" haha (3 likes)
cool, we are all on the same page then (4 likes)
WOWWWWWW THANKS GUYS. LOL!!!! Chakrit, back me up on this please! (4 likes)
She does yoga and tango, while I do batminton.
Ok Chakrit. So she does the tango while you hit the birdie. ;)
To think all of our friends are perverted!

Clippers last game of the season: LA Clippers vs the Denver Nuggets!

Helena, Chakrit and I went to visit Troy at USC and toured around a bit. After that, we took the bus to Staples Center and child around there. Since it was the last game of the season, there was a sale for all jerseys for 50% off, so everyone was going cray cray. I only bid on a bowling pin signed by Paul but didn’t win unfortunately. :(

In the end, Chakrit wanted to buy me a Jersey shirt which I kept trying to refuse, but in the end, he still bought both the shirt and the Jersey for me. Hahaha can’t believe he did it.

The game was fun! Better seats than before and I started to like other players more now, especially Big Baby Glenn Davis for some reason. He didn’t do well in the game but I seem to take notice in him alot.

After the game, we chilled at USC a bit more and eventually went back home. We need to hang out in LA more often haha


First time at Jehovah’s Memorial 

Dear Tumblr, 

Yesterday I was attended two very different religious events: I first attended my mother’s buddhism event, where I helped serve food to our monks and prayed for my mother’s blessing and health. As for another event later on that night, it was my very first time, but Chakrit took me to a Kingdom Hall in Costa Mesa for Jehovah’s Memorial event. 

I don’t know how to describe this feeling. I truly was understandable with how Chakrit was really serious with this event, for he never truly brought anyone, LET ALONE HIS GIRLFRIEND,  to something as personal as his religion. I was sincerely holding myself back a lot and tried to be respectful during this memorial. Chakrit dressed up formally in a dress shirt and suit (which OMG, I never realized he looked hot in [don’t mind me lol]), while I dressed up with a super long black dress with a cardigan (hopefullly it was conservative and didn’t show anything too much). I parked in the parking lot and I was very nervous before stepping into the Kingdom Hall. 

As we walked into the Kingdom Hall, there were so many people, and they were indeed, sociable, as Chakrit told me. They all came up to me and Chakrit and asked us for our names, what town we are from, etc; you know, small talk. I was a little choked up a bit, and somehow just can’t make good small talk. I was super socially awkward and just wanted to stay quiet. I mean, of course, there are times that I have talked with the other brothers and sisters, but I really felt like I was over-forcing myself a bit. There was also a moment, which I put my hand around Chakrit’s elbow (which I thought was ok because we aren’t holding hands) but unfortunately, I wasn’t suppose to do that in the Kingdom Hall as well, so that’s one mistake. 

The ceremony started off with a song, and I didn’t sing and instead, listened to Chakrit and the others sing. Later on, the event passed on for the next thirty minutes to an hour, as we talked about Jehovah’s love for us all, and Jesus’s sacrifice to give us paradise. 

Some of the great scriptures that were brought out: 

Hebrews 2:9: “But we do see Jesus, who was made a littler lower than angels, now crowned with glory and honor for having suffered death, so that by God’s undeserved kindness he might taste death for everyone.”

And Isaiah 53:5: “But he was pierced for our transgression;  He was crushed for our errors.  He bore the punishment for our peace, and because of his wounds we were healed.”

I feel that these scriptures sum up Jesus’ sacrifice very well.  Because Adam deliberately sinned against Jehovah, and committed the forbidden rule, and because of him, we have all inherited sin and death. However, the last Adam, or Jesus left his lofty position in heaven and emptied himself by coming to Earth as a human.  By sacrificing his perfect, sinless human life, Jesus stepped into Adam’s place in order to save us.  It’s as though we were all standing in one huge line, awaiting inevitable death and destruction, but Jesus cut in line in front of all of us and died in our place.  Yes, we still might die in this system of things, but through Jesus’ ransom sacrifice, we have gained forgiveness for our sins and can thus have a clean standing before Jehovah, and we await the prospect of living forever on a paradise Earth.

After hearing the in depth of Jesus’s sacrifice for us and saw the bread and wine which demonstrates his blood and body, I started to be overwhelmed by many feelings. Before I knew it, I started to cry. I don’t understand what happened to me, but I think recognizing and appreciating Jesus’s sacrifice has made me want to appreciate my life more than I ever had before. I went through so much hardships in this life, and to think that I had taken so many things in my life granted back in the past with so many things: with my past relationship with Oswaldo, my own family, and my own life, which I almost sacrificed back in high school. Now that I know, I feel That perhaps, now that we have paradise here on earth, we need to live life to the fullest and respect the great deeds he has done for us. We should not let his sacrifice go to waste.

The memorial, as I told Chakrit, was “life changing”. It makes me want to appreciate everything that I have now: I lost my father permanently, but am giving my love for my mother and brother; my own grandfather is deeply sick, while my other grandmother is dying from cancer; I am appreciating Jason’s friendship for he is one of my bestest friends that I could ever have; I especially am never taking Chakrit for granted again like I mistakenly did with Oswaldo in the past: I don’t expect Chakrit to do anything big for me, I don’t expect him to text me non stop, nor expecting a big ending for us in the end. I truly appreciate all the things that have happened, and to me, they are little bonuses that I have in my life and I just want to show my appreciation in everything. In other words, all the hardships that I am going through, I am learning those mistakes to make the better end for everyone. 

When I told Chakrit that it was very life- changing, it is the small things like his smile that makes me happy, you know? Makes both of us understand that we both respect and trust each other greatly and we don’t ever want to let that go. Well, after the memorial, Chakrit and I, since we were both dressed up really nice, went to go eat some Korean food at a nice place, called Hashigo, and had a nice date. We were pigging out like always; had a personal talk, and for one of the very few times, he actually bought me dinner. As we go back home, we went to go “moon gazing” in the parking lot, since it was the night of the blood moon eclipse. Unfortunately, JASON OF COURSE, gave us the wrong time to go moon gazing! Can’t believe you, Jason! hahaha It’s okay though, we saw it later on a couple hours later. 

But in overall, I still want to appreciate everything that happened today: I want to appreciate my mother for still putting up with me despite everything, I want to appreciate the cute and funny moments that Jason always constantly wants to bring up; I even want to appreciate last night’s date after the memorial with Chakrit.. 

Everything that happens in your life is a cherishable moment. If you think that you are having a hard time in your life with something, it is sometimes necessary to be tortuous a bit to reach a better end. If Jesus had done the same thing and went through torture and pain to give us a better ending, then perhaps a minor hardship, unlike Jesus’s, should be pretty easy to overcome. 


Omg. Cutest, most real couple EVER. #chariya #mademyday This makes me sooooo happy lolllll ♡♡♡ “again, again, again pls! Bravo” - Troy lol #loveisanopendoor #frozen#cutecouple #cutenessoverload #bestfriends #romance #chemistryoverload#noonecanbreakthis #omg @pchancha @chakritp888” (commented by Cynthia)

"Chariya"… is that really what our friends are calling me and Chakrit now??? haha


Memories from Karaoke with Friends

Please excuse my horrible singing hahahha

NEVER EVER have expectations. They can never truly fulfill nor satisfy your needs in anyway. Instead, why not view and appreciate what you have as a bonus in your life? There will be no paranoia, no despair, and no jealousy. Instead, it just makes life a lot more worthy than you truly think it deserves.
— My current new philosophy in life. My greatest advice to all based on my own experience. Because of this, I am able to enjoy the very little everything that I have in my life despite all the crap that I majorly have. I truly hope that I can spread this advice to everyone and can help impact their perspective on things.

Day 2 with Jason

Slept at 4:30am to wake up at 7:30 for my 8am lab. Just wonderful. Jason scared the crap out of me as I walked out of Chakrit’s room in the early morning, expecting Jason to be asleep..but NOOOO. THERE HE WAS. Just chilling and on his laptop. It’s as if he never slept!!!

I went to lab, which failed epically. Came back home around 10:30am and cooked some homemade breakfast for me and Jason while Chakrit was sleeping in his typical crazy loud snores. After eating and cleaning up, Jason chilled in the living room, while I went back to Chakrit’s room to sleep for another two hour nap. Sound as it sounds, Chakrit finally woke up from his sleep and woke me up at 2pm.

We got ready and Chakrit and I took Jason to Sake2Me. As stated in my facebook, I have finally popped Jason’s Sake2Me Virginity hahahahahah.Well, throughout this whole afternoon, I was SUCH A THIRD WHEEL. Chakrit and Jason kept talking to each other non stop about frickin cars! WTF?!?! I never knew Chakrit knew so much cars like Jason does! But SERIOUSLY, damn. They really really hit it off super well. I told Jason and Chakrit that it’s sad that Jason talked to Chakrit more than he ever did with me! Hahaha

After lunch, Chakrit split ways to go watch the baseball match at the Angel Stadium, while as for me and Jason, we went back to the pub to drink RIGHT BEFORE another interview session with the PDS board members. I took another three hours with PDS at the Court Study Lounge, only to find Jason kicking it with Helena and Troy. WTH DUDE!!! JASON MET TROY BEFORE I EVER DID!!!! Hahaha

Well, Helena, Troy, Jason and I went to go karaoking after meeting up. Picked up Cynthia and Chakrit came.like four hours late to the karaoke booth. We sang our hearts out, and THE HAPPIEST THING EVER is how Jason actually ACTUALLY sang with us!!! Yayyyyyyyy! I’m so happy with him!!!!! :)

We karaoked till…. 1:30am. And imagine, its late and Jason and I still have to drive back to LA and I have work at 6am. Hahaha fml. It worked out in the end today. Had a legit two hour sleep before work and finished early..

I felt like we didn’t do.much thus day compared.to the day before, but point in all, is that it is a great feeling to see.your best friend so capable with my other friends in school. To see my best friend and my boyfriend actually making me the third whee! Hahah but most importantly, I felt from this visit alone that I learned how much Jason had changed compared to high school. To see he was not as socially awkward as he was before. How much more mature we all changed to. How we are actually becoming more connected to other people around us. Like seriously, look how he connected with Troy so fast and also made Helena the third wheel as well. Sometimes, it really does make me wish we can continue to grow along with these people, to spend time with these people, in order to continue to make us the better people that we are today. I sometimes wish that can last forever. :)